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A Plus Fire and Hoods provides professional service to keep your commercial kitchen clean, compliant and up to code.

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A-Plus Fire & Hoods is a name synonymous with quality and trust for your kitchen exhaust cleaning needs. Our industry-accredited, professional team is both punctual and courteous, ensuring superior kitchen exhaust equipment cleaning services. We provide our clients with much-deserved reassurance, confident in the abilities of our adept technicians at A-Plus Fire & Hoods to identify potential fire risks and ensure your system meets NFPA 96 standards.

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A-Plus Fire and Hoods has a team of seasoned professionals

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Expect top-notch service from A-Plus Fire and Hoods. We prioritize exceptional customer care and professionalism.

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Budgeting is easy with A-Plus Fire and Hoods. We offer free estimates and transparent pricing, so there are no surprises.

Certified and compliant cleaning services

Safety first! A-Plus Fire and Hoods provides certified and compliant cleaning services to keep your kitchen up to code.

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Expert Exhaust Hood Cleaning Solutions for Clean, Safe, and Compliant Kitchen Environments

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Our professional kitchen exhaust cleaning service ensures clean, safe, and compliant ventilation systems. Trust us to remove grease buildup from hoods, ducts, and fans!

Inspection Guide

Our Inspection Guide Service provides thorough assessments and expert guidance. Whether it’s safety checks, or compliance evaluations, we ensure peace of mind.

Grease Containment Installation

We ensure effective containment of grease and oil from kitchen exhaust systems. We tailor solutions to fit your specific needs, protecting rooftops, preventing fire hazards, and promoting environmental responsibility.

Access Panel Installation

We ensure seamless integration of access panels into your exhaust kitchen duct. Whether it’s for maintenance, inspections, or utility access, our expert team ensures precision and functionality.

Duct Cleaning

We ensure thorough removal of grease, debris, and contaminants from your kitchen ventilation system. Trust our expert team to enhance air quality, reduce fire risks, and maintain a safe environment.
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We diligently commit to upholding and maintaining the stringent regulations of the Fire Code Standard

The following is the National Fire Protection Code #96 section 8-31:

Hoods, grease removal devices (Such as filters), fans, ducts and other appurtenances (accessories) shall be cleaned to BARE METAL at frequent intervals prior to the surfaces becoming heavily contaminated with greaser or oily sludge.

Fire and Hoods Exhaust System Cleaning

Trust us to bring an unmatched level of clean to your kitchen, promoting a healthier and safer environment for your staff and customers.

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